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Solis Shines At Intersolar Europe 2022 - Exhibits Its World-class Products For a Greener Tomorrow

Author:SolisTime: 2022-07-01 17:13:46 Pageviews:64

May 16th, Ningbo China-As the solar industry came together at Intersolar Europe 2022, Solis made its mark with empowering and innovative solutions for a better, greener, and smarter future.


Solis struck the right chord with its customers and partners with its range of new solar PV inverters, storage products, and the latest monitoring platforms.  



For A Life With Zero Carbon


Solis's theme at Intersolar this year has been "For a life with zero carbon". With a focus on nature as the main design element, our products have been integrated with the "natural", "comfortable" and "friendly" environment. We have struck a balance between cutting-edge product technology and nature's harmony.  


It's also noteworthy that Solis hosted a number of international participants at its booth. With our expert team speaking  16 different languages, there has been a seamless in-depth exchange of ideas and deep communication on green energy and emerging technologies.  



State Of The Art Innovation And Technology


Solis continues to be the leader in intelligent photovoltaic solutions with smart series inverters at the core. We showcased a complete series of inverters with user-friendly systems, having intelligent operation and maintenance, that display efficient power generation and exhibit safe and reliable advantages.


These highly-recommended solutions have opened up new possibilities for the PV industry. The debut of Solis's Sixth Generation Energy Storage Inverter Series S6-EH3P (5-10K-H) marks a significant milestone in its expansion into green and sustainable cultivation.



Recognition And A Badge Of Honor


EUPD Research awarded Solis the title "Top PV Inverter brand of 2022" for being the most valued and preferred customer brand. Solis is a trusted brand that ranks highly in customer satisfaction and recommendations. Solis’s Intersolar experience has been enhanced by the fact that this title has been conferred for the 7th consecutive year!  


Research indicates that the annual installed solar PV capacity in Germany is expected to reach approximately 7.5 GW in 2022. The residential, C&I, and utility segments will contribute 1.4 GW, 4.2 GW, and 1.9 GW respectively.


The ongoing energy crunch and supply chain issues are likely to impact the installations in 2022. The high price of electricity will cause significant growth in the residential, small commercial, and industrial markets. The residential energy storage market will expand further by a new 5 GW installation by 2030.


The leaders of the new energy industry are always striving for a sustainable and renewable future. The focus is on the most recent technologies and trends in this industry, profitable business models, and a combination of photovoltaics, electromobility, and technologies around the world.


Solis was at the forefront of this innovative Intersolar Europe exhibition that brought together all aspects of the international solar industry, including start-ups and global players.


With this rich and prized experience, Solis is all set to embark on a new journey towards a greener, happier and healthier world. Thank you, Munich. See you next year

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