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Export Power Manager


The Solis export power manager is the ideal solution for smart energy management for both residential and commercial systems.The unit allows you to adjust export values to satisfy local network regulatory requirements. 
Energy management with the Solis export power manager allows for higher self-consumption and efficient use of the locally generated PV power.

Export Power Manger

Leading Features

Smart & strong
Simultaneous control of 80 X Solis inverters
Realizing reactive compensation of the system, which ensure the power factor of the system is up to standard
Saving & high precision
Simultaneously monitor the operating data of the 80 X Solis inverter, saving the cost of the monitoring system
The control accuracy is up to 3%, which improves the system's spontaneous use rate
Friendly & compatible
Support "△" and "Y" grid systems and single-phase grids to reduce system changes
Supports simultaneous access of Solis inverters with diff erent powers

Technical Specifications

Input AC

  • Input voltage range
    L to N: 100~277 V; L to L: 176~480 V
  • Input frequency range
    45~65 Hz


  • Communication interface
    2pin RS485
  • Maximum communication inverter numbers
  • Maximum communication distance
    1000 m
  • Monitoring
    S3-GPRS-ST or S3-WiFi-ST

General Data

  • Relative humidity
  • Ingress protection
  • Self consumption
    <5 W
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    364*276*114 mm
  • Weight
    2.1 kg
  • AC connection
    Quick connection terminal
  • CT connection
    Plug terminal
  • Display
  • CT specification
    Optional (5 A)


  • Control time
    5 s
  • Power Accuracy
  • Remote upgrated
    Yes(Non-EPM-dedicated WiFi-Box does not support remote upgrade)

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