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Solis Ranked 2019 TOP 10 India Inverter Supplier

Author:Ginlong SolisTime: 2019-07-16 00:00:00 Pageviews:1987

India Solar Rooftop Map 2019, March Issue (source;Bridge to India) released the Top 10 rankings of RE market components, Inverters and EPC companies in the Indian market through Q1 2019.

ranked #2 Inverter Supplier in India (market share FY 2019)(Source;BridgetoIndia)

India is the second-most populated country in the world and today, they depend on coal power as their main energy source Economic development has led to a sudden increase in demand for electricity, but India has always suffered from insufficient power supply and serious environmental pollution issues. Reliable electricity generation and supply is crucial to address India's power shortage and environmental problems.

Growth of rooftop solar in India (Source; BridgetoIndia)

India is blessed with abundant sunshine and low electricity costs. There are 250 to 300 sunny days per year in most parts of India, with an effective illumination time of over 1700 hours per year, (1600-2200 KWh/m2)

New Solis Case Studies in India:

Solis three phase inverters feature very high efficiency ratings (99% max), low harmonic distortion (THD < 2%) and industry-leading four (4) independent MPPT inputs, each rated at 28.5A, allowing for use with higher power modules.

In a region of the world where the solar resource is so abundant, embracing photovoltaics is an inevitable development of path for the Indian power market. For China's PV companies, the Indian market is promising.

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