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Enter SolisCloud:

SolisCloud is the new generation of intelligent PV system monitoring.
For installers, the new system automatically registers the homeowner after you build the site and offers many more features to speed up your install time.
For O&M users, the new platform features a full size display of all your installations with real-time data. You will have an intelligent alarm system that gives recommendations to quickly repair your field faults.
The system has in-depth analysis tools that allow you to understand the overall health of your system. One of these tools includes IV curve scanning, which can be done easily and quickly on your whole system with a touch of a button.
For new and advanced users, a live power flow display gives visibility of standard solar systems, advanced commercial sites as well as storage systems.

Leading Features

  • Smart I-V curve scan, system health report, string-level fault finding

  • Enables multiple team management across different sectors
  • Manage multiple types of systems across residential, commercial and utility scale plants
  • Connecting with multiple types of devices seamlessly, Inverters, export power managers, weather stations etc.
  • Clear and concise display of system performance and benefits including carbon emissions saved and equivalent trees planted as well as showing system yield & earnings

Technical Specifications

Plant Parameters

  • Data Sampling Interval
    5 mins(1-15 mins adjustable)
  • Support Devices(Continue Expanding)
    Inverter, Datalogger, EPM, Weather Station, Meter

Client Parameters

  • Support Operating System
    Windows, Mac, IOS, Android
  • Web Browser Resolution
    1920 x 1080(Recommended)
  • Support Language(Continue Expanding)
    Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian

Platform Parameters

  • Support Device Number
    Tens of millions level device connection
  • Data Encryption
    One-Device-One-Password Verfication Mechanism, TLS Data Transferring Channel
  • Data Transmit Method


  • Plant Monitoring
    WEB / APP
  • Plant Group Monitoring
    WEB / APP
  • Full Screen Display


  •  IV Curve Scanning
  •  Dispersion Rate Analysis
  •  Plant Report
  •  Generation Report
  •  Device Report


  • Message Center
    WEB / APP
  • Help Center
    WEB / APP

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