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[Webinar] The evolution of clean energy

Author:SolisTime: 2021-09-16 00:08:16 Pageviews:145

August 26th, there is an enticing opportunity you won't want to miss: Tune-in and learn from leaders at Lightsource BP, Canadian Solar, PVEL, C2Energy, Ginlong and Solar PowerPoer World in a special 2-hour exclusive event. You'll learn how the industry is evolving and you'll also get a first-peek at Ginlong’s all-new Utility-scale string PV Inverter!

In the last decade, as more individual and corporate attention turns to mitigating climate change, renewable energy has taken center stage. Consequently, the industry is booming and reaching unprecedented milestones. However, there is much work to be done, and as we all evaluate the next decade of growth, it's important to contemplate how we can all evolve our business models and technologies to address the massive opportunities with new tools.

Ginlong Technologies believes that to achieve scale in the utility solar market, the market must evolve the products being offered, both the physical products, like Ginlong’s world-class inverters, as well as the energy products that allow for greater trading flexibility, reliability and scale. With this in mind, Ginlong is proud to present a unique and timely discussion with some of the most insightful and paradigm-busting female leaders in the US solar industry:

Pushing the limits of Innovation - a dialogue about the evolution of clean energy, featuring the all-new Solis 255kW Utility PV String Inverter

On Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET, we invite you to join Jing Tian, GM of Ginlong Technologies for North America, as she speaks with renowned PV professionals to address recent breakthroughs in utility-scale solar technologies. Jing will be joined by an all-star cast, kicked off by a fireside chat with Emilie Wangerman, VP of Business Development for Lightsource BP. Emilie's team is the answer to how Lightsource BP is innovating beyond traditional energy products and she will discuss the implications of BP's massive 50GW commitment on the overall evolution and growth of the industry. The event is free, and Attendees will learn:

● The latest trends in the clean energy industry.
● The real cost of solar energy
● How manufacturers are developing new equipment (in an ever-changing regulatory environment) that addresses the rapid scale and reliability required
● How product synergies are the key to mass adoption in the next decade

The multi-session virtual event will kick off with SunCast Media's Nico Johnson interviewing Emilie Wangerman. Emilie will expound on the complex ways Utility Energy will change in the coming years, from the vantage point of one of the largest energy companies on the planet.

Next, Utility-Scale product manager, Gary Lam, will demonstrate how Ginlong Technologies pushes the limits of innovative PV system technologies with its latest innovation, a 255kW utility-scale string inverter. This 30-minute feature will showcase how Ginlong's technology is evolving to meet the need for flexibility and modular design.

Finally, the event is book-ended with a panel of All-Female executives in renewable energy finance, equipment manufacturing and solar energy project development. They will discuss recent breakthroughs in utility-scale solar technologies, and how introducing higher power modules and energy storage systems is driving innovations in the whole hardware ecosystem. The panelists will share their experience and expectations for how these product advancements will affect the utility solar development industry and value chain.

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