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The Ginlong Monitoring, “SolisCloud” monitoring solution is focused on insight and control of your site's photovoltaic (PV) array and Solis US inverter(s). The new Solis S3 Wi-Fi devices are IP65 (NEMA 4X) rated, are connected to Solis US inverters via touch-safe external ports and are registered on SolisCloud. The latest ST Wi-Fi device can broadcast data from as many as ten Solis US inverters, saving installers time and money. SolisCloud monitoring and Solis US Wi-Fi equipment enable site operators to perform comprehensive fault / data analysis, remotely control the inverter and realize stable, cost-effective performance of their solar asset.

WiFi Data Logging Stick

Leading Features

  • Plug and play, quick installation

  • Fault alarm, real-time monitoring
  • Plug and play, convenient and fast
  • Status indicator, easy to display working status
  • RESET button, one key to send data, convenient debugging

Technical Specifications


  • Max. number of connected devices
  • Status indicator
    3 LEDs
  • Communication rate
    9600 bps (adjustable:1200-115200 bps)
  • Frequency
    2.4 GHz
  • Data collection intervals
    5 minutes (adjustable: 1-15 minutes)
  • Communication interface
  • Data storage space
    8 MB FLASH


  • Working current
    150 mA~2100 mA
  • Static power consumption
    <2 W
  • Max. instantaneous power consumption
    <10 W
  • Power consumption
    <5 W


  • Storage temperature
    -40 ~ +70°C
  • Relative humidity
    5%~95%, non-condensing
  • Storage humidity
  • Operating altitude
    4000 m
  • Protection degree
    TYPE 4X


  • Installation method
  • Weight
    61 g


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