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For1500 V string inverter Solis 255K

This is a mainstream 6.3MW subarray integrated solution to match any large PV power station project in the world. It integrates LV Panel, Transformer, RMU and MV Switchgear, etc, which has high system matching and can effectively reduce the cost of PV power station equipment .


Leading Features

  • Mainstream 6.3MW subarray,widely used global

  • 20 foot standard container delivery, easy to transport

  • A complete solution, from inverter to main step-up transformer

  • When the container is lifted to the foundation, only LV and MV cables need to be connected

  • LV panel, transformer and RMU be placed independently

  • Adopt international first-line brand equipment with reliable quality

  • Full frontal maintenance design

  • Modular design of MV equipment, easy to replace

Technical Specifications

LV panel

  • ACB specification
    3200 A / 800 Vac / 3P, 1*2 pcs
  • Connection form with transformer
    Copper busbar


  • Rated output power
    6300 kVA @ 40°C
  • Max. output power
    6930 kVA @ 40°C 3h
  • LV/MV voltage
    0.8 kV / 10-35 kV
  • Max. input current
    2577 A *2
  • Tapping on HV
  • Vector group
  • Frequency
    50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Cooling type
  • Impedance
  • Oil type
    Mineral oil (Optional: plant oil)
  • Winding material
    Al/Al (Optional: Cu/Cu)
  • Insulation class
  • Connection form with MV switchgear

MV Switchgear

  • Rate voltage
    12-36 kV
  • Rate current
    630 A
  • Internal arcing fault
    20 kA / 1 s
  • Qty of feeder
    3 feeders


  • AC input protection
    Circuit breaker
  • Transformer protection
    Oil-temperature, oil-level, oil-pressure
  • Fire protection
    Smoke detection, emergency lighting

General Data

  • Approximate weight
    24 T
  • Operating temperature range
    -25 ~ +60°C
  • Operating altitude
    1000 m (standard)
  • Auxiliary power supply
    5 kVA / 230 V (Optional: max. 40 kVA)
  • UPS
    1 kVA 30 min (Optional: max. 2 kVA 2h)
  • Degree of protection
  • Allowable relative humidity range
  • Communication
    RS485, Ethernet, Optical fiber
  • Compliance
    IEC 60076, IEC 62271, IEC61439

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